Mar 24, 2016

Season 39 and Starbow - hello

Season 39 on iccup has begun. Things are different player base wise. There seems to be more C- level players than D in light of the 60 games I've played. Despite that, I can get some exciting games.
Still, brood war pushes one into having tunnel vision and one can end up losing as a result. Some things one needs to do quickly, precisely and very periodically, like cycling through production, and the rest I've decided I should slow down and be more steady. Reading the opponent and doing the right things still require some thinking. I've not been focusing on one race matchup so it's doubly important to steadily/carefully keep an eye on my position and what I'm doing. Forcing myself to go any faster is just going to lead to bad plays.

Changes is my Gameplay
In the early game, I think it's wise to hotkey my CCs to 3 and 4 until my two base economy is doing well enough that I have three control groups worth of an army. 5 and 6 will still go to factory/barracks and f3 will still be camera location over army production. I think I'm doing okay with using the camera location when I have more than two army production buildings.

TvT is sloppy. If the game goes far enough I only use my hotkeys for wraiths. This truly is a game of positioning and I've not quite yet worked out which units I should be hotkeying in the later stages of the game. It feels almost better to select attack/move at times. Also, being aggressive at the right times is challenging, but fun.
TvP I've been playing mostly standard factory expand. Every now and then I do the one base vulture drop. It once worked well but my follow up was lackluster so I still lost.
Streaming on
Seems my computer is good enough for streaming now. Finally I can show off my skills! I'm sure funny things will be happening. For now, it's Starbow and Brood War.

My overall goal right now is to just see funny things happen.

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