Jul 24, 2017

1pq Remastered

Brood War will be receiving an influx of fresh new players soon. It's time to get excited! Already pre-ordered so now all there is to do is to sit and wait for my glorious hotkeys and fair ladder (the new graphics will be nice too I guess).

I've been prepping myself a bit by playing on the fish server. I must say the experience was nice, though still frustrating. There are a shit load of Koreans around my skill level and things can get hated. The most frustrating of all is still TvP. I've learned how to sim city my base in order to  maneuver marines between buildings so I can more easily take care of early zealots... LIKE THE PROS, but I've yet to handle them well. Results left me to believe that it's not MY fault, but my mouse's. With google fu I've found out about DPI and how 400-800 is probably best for good micro management. My mouse was set to 1600 DPI thinking I could be accurate enough with a quickness bonus. I don't think it helped me as much as I thought looking back. I couldn't even split my first few workers well at the start of the game. I lowered my DPI to 800 and I can split MUCH better now. Hopefully I can do a bit better against early zealot aggression with this setting.

Also a more precise mouse click will help a lot with clicking the minimap. You've really got to work well with the minimap to win games.

A downside to lowering my DPI to 800 is screen scrolling being a touch more difficult. It will take some getting used to but I can manage. I can't lower it any more because I don't have enough space on my desk to place a big mousepad.

Gameplay-wise, I'm trying to shift my goal from always aggression to area control. This mentality has helped calm my impatient nerves wanting to finish the game quick.

TvZ is still fun. Making a smooth mech switch into the late game remains a fantasy of mine. Reading 2 base hatchery and properly defending the earlier lurkers and mutas is still something I need to work on. Just have to keep in mind that my economy will be ahead if I fend it off properly.

TvT is a cluster fuck as always. Slowly learning more and more about it with area control and counters. If you fuck up getting sufficient map control in the early game you're pretty fucked.

TvP 2 base pushes are ugly. It's hard to determine when the best moment is to siege. Experience will help.

                     † May we worker split with grace †

Mar 24, 2016

Season 39 and Starbow - hello twitch.tv

Season 39 on iccup has begun. Things are different player base wise. There seems to be more C- level players than D in light of the 60 games I've played. Despite that, I can get some exciting games.
Still, brood war pushes one into having tunnel vision and one can end up losing as a result. Some things one needs to do quickly, precisely and very periodically, like cycling through production, and the rest I've decided I should slow down and be more steady. Reading the opponent and doing the right things still require some thinking. I've not been focusing on one race matchup so it's doubly important to steadily/carefully keep an eye on my position and what I'm doing. Forcing myself to go any faster is just going to lead to bad plays.

Changes is my Gameplay
In the early game, I think it's wise to hotkey my CCs to 3 and 4 until my two base economy is doing well enough that I have three control groups worth of an army. 5 and 6 will still go to factory/barracks and f3 will still be camera location over army production. I think I'm doing okay with using the camera location when I have more than two army production buildings.

TvT is sloppy. If the game goes far enough I only use my hotkeys for wraiths. This truly is a game of positioning and I've not quite yet worked out which units I should be hotkeying in the later stages of the game. It feels almost better to select attack/move at times. Also, being aggressive at the right times is challenging, but fun.
TvP I've been playing mostly standard factory expand. Every now and then I do the one base vulture drop. It once worked well but my follow up was lackluster so I still lost. 

Streaming on twitch.tv
Seems my computer is good enough for streaming now. Finally I can show off my skills! I'm sure funny things will be happening. For now, it's Starbow and Brood War.

My overall goal right now is to just see funny things happen.

Jan 13, 2014

Low level play

Starbow is definitely what I wanted from starcraft 2. The unit interaction is top notch! Skill plays a part as the lurkers, dragoons, defilers, reavers, science vessel have returned with a few new abilities.

A revamped starcraft have finally arrived, being just as I wished. Starbow takes the best from brood war and sc2 to a masterpiece. I'm thinking this could be big

Jan 12, 2014


There is a nice Starcraft 2 mod that's out. It shows promise. Can this be the future of starcraft?

Nov 14, 2011


Week 1: I still have a problem expanding against a protoss. D+ protoss players are a real pain in the ass because they never go where you want them to go, they make too many zeolots and they expand too fucking much.

Man, it's going to be a bitch learning how to beat a protoss that's ahead, has 10 dragoons and 30 zeolots. Whatever I have evaporates. In the beginning if they make a zeolot first, I struggle dealing with it. Then the dragoons come after that... delaying my CC far too long.

Week 2: Staying D+ isn't as easy as I remember.

Went on a 7 game losing streak to have two interesting games (I won) against protoss players with < 140 apm.

Barely beat a protoss with 67 apm... I think I'm going to cry.

Dreamt I was playing starcraft. Even there... I lose.

So... I'm having trouble harassing. I've been trying but my vultures always die so quickly. I can't rely on my mech ball all the time, as it definitely isn't working in my favor. My eapm is 90-127, very bad. Is my slow speed and poor macro my second wall? Or is it my mechanics? Everything feels so chaotic when I push. I wonder if my brain is even capable of reaching C-... I have little confidence in my tvp :-[ I'm so afraid of recall and zeolots...

Truth be told, I believe my protoss could beat my terran. I honestly feel I can reach at least C- with protoss. How many people could truly say their offrace could beat their main?

This is the most losses I've ever had in a season. (46)


Starcraft 2
I have seen a few of the new starcraft units that will be in the expansion. There will be a flying zerg thing that can create a cloud that stops units from doing long ranged attacks, it's similar to disruption web... Very interesting, blizzard really may know what they're doing after all @_@ I'm still going to wait until the final expansion but if I find these units micro intensive...

There is also a "shredder", battle hellion, and warhound for the terran. The warhound is good against mech units and has area of affect anti air... I'm not sure what to think of it yet. Battle hellion seems meh... But the shredder - Creates a whirlwind of death but disables when friendly units are near. it will be of most use against zerg I think. We'll see.

'Til next month.

Oct 14, 2011

Self-Destruction Sequence Malfunction

I continued to play anyway. I went so far as to play 4 hours a day for almost a week before my computer died on me so I had no way of playing. My social life is fine. And my computer seems to be working now. Time to start back up.

Maybe I should work on my TvT. In my early career I've lost so much tvt I've grown afraid of it. How do you overcome fear?

Eventually, I will have my own stream on TL.

I'll update on my progress and my thoughts on the new starcraft 2 units next month! C- here I come!

Jun 14, 2011

No Re

And so. That's it. Thanks to the noobs that made the game enjoyable. I will follow the expansions of sc2 just to see what they add, but I don't think anything they add would stir my interest.

I see BW as a great game but it doesn't seem to be doing well for my social life. There are no PC Bangs here. I can't walk up to people and talk about games. There are no friday night gatherings having a LAN party.

This journey has already passed it's peak. I'm halfway back home. It's a shame to be introduced to a world one can't fully explore.

This blog will self-destruct in 16 days